I was born in a Hindu family. My native place is Sivakasi. It is famous for manufacture of fire crackers, matchboxes, and printing press. It’s located in the southern part of Tamilnadu(INDIA). My father had a deep experience in the Hindu culture and Hindu God. Everyday he woke up early in the morning about 4 O’ clock and went to the Hindu temple and worshiped and return home about 7 O’ clock. So he was nearly involved in about two hours of worshiping idols. My mother is a secret Christian. My mother came to know about Lord Jesus Christ when she was studying in a Christian school. My mother was born in a village. In that village a catholic nun would tell my mother a lot about Jesus She also gave her a Bible. Before my mother got married, she read the Bible, but there were no Churches or prayer house in that village and or its surroundings. The condition in the villages in India still remains the same. My mother believes in the Word of God and accepts it as such.

After Her marriage she was not able to read Bible. Because one day my father took the Bible and burnt it. Since then my mother was not able to read the Bible and go to Church. When I was about 12 years old my mother told me about Jesus and Bible stories. On that day I knew Jesus as the Lord, but I seeked God only in the time of trouble. I had many bad habits. Due to my father’s order I have to do whatever my father said. But I helped my mother in many ways.

My mother is not able to go to Church or prayer house, because my father did not allow her to go to church. Going to church or reading the Bible in the house are forbidden by my father. She is not even able to hear God’s word through radio and magazine. My mother knows the time schedule of the Christian program in the radio. So she asked me to stand at the entrance door of my house and asked me to see whether my father was coming. I stand at the door while my mother hears the Word of God through the radio. If I see my father coming at the end of the street I simply give a signal by knocking on the door three times. My mother understands that my father is coming and tunes the radio to the other station and does some other work. But many times due to my playful mind I was careless at that time and without my knowing it father came and saw my mother hearing the Christian program on the radio and he beat my mother and me. Then problems became worse in my house. Then my father said that the cause of all losses in the business was due to my mother worshiping Jesus. In the same way some times my father saw my mother praying on her knees and beat her. When my father went for pilgrim journey my mother bought some Christian magazines and read them and many times my father saw them and burnt them. This is the situation of my family. Due to this my mother is not able to be baptized. I obeyed my father by worshiping idols.

When I was 19 years old I went to CHENNAI about 450 Kms from my native land. I came to Chennai with out telling my mother and my father. Because I have a small problem with my father and my father beat me during that time, I thought about running from that place. At once I left the place and came to Chennai. When I came to Chennai I had no money in my Hand. So I had to live for platform and with out food for some days. Then I worked as a cleaner in a Hotel. I have no peace in me. But in my mind I felt some power telling that go and do God’s work. At that time I did not know about Christian faith. But my mind told me to do God’s work. Today I know that It’s God’s work in my heart. “For it is God which worketh in you both to will and to do his good pleasure” (Phil 2:13). Daily I worked hard and I got a lot of money every week. And I spent the money through different bad habits.That?s the way my life was going. But yet, I had no peace in me. Money and the worldly things were not able to give me peace. One Day I saw a wall poster about a Christian Gospel meeting. At that time I went to the beach for a peace of mind. I heard the Word of God. It was the last day of that meeting. I was not able to remember the preacher’s name but he is from U.S.A. Through him the Lord spoke with me. “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you: not as the world giveth; give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled neither let it be afraid” (Jn 14:27). Hearing these words I felt a great peace in my heart. A burden was lifted from my mind. Automatically I feel ashamed of my sin and I confessed all my sin. Next day I got a job in a company. That company owner is also a Christian. I went to Church and I know the truth and I was baptized.

Then I wrote my mother a letter with great joy that I accepted Jesus as my Saviour. And my mother wrote that she was also very happy for that,then she wrote that in my birth, I was the first child and male child in my family so according to the O.T. She dedicated me for God’s ministries. This encouraged me to do his work. Today I feel that all this that happened in my life is God’s predestinate. Today I am not good in English but Lord is giving the knowledge to translate in Tamil to English and English to Tamil and the mystery of Gods Word is revealed to me.

Then I went to my native place to see my father. My father came to know that I was converted and accepted Jesus as my Saviour. He did not allow me to enter in to the House. He brought a pot of water and poured on his head and according to the Hindu culture he said that his first son is dead. He beat me and then I left the place. Still now my neighbors in my native do not know that I am also one of my father?s children. I came to Chennai again and God give me His Word and confirmed that He called me to do his work. I studied in a bible college and finished my B.Th and D.D. God speaks to me that He called for the special purpose and given me the vision. Still God’s appointment time come I surrended me under senior Pastors. God speaks to me that He called for the special purpose and given me the vision. Still God’s appointment time come I surrender me under senior Pastors. In the year 1998 God speaks to me again to starts the new ministry to fulfill the purpose he called me and according to the vision God given me. And God given me the verse (Heb 12:22-23) and mention me the ministry name FIRSTBORN MINISTRIES.

And God gave me the Two New Visions. One is to Reach WEST BENGAL (One of the states in North INDIA about 2000 miles from my place). Other is to start a home for Fatherless and Motherless orphans. These two visions are not fulfilled still. We are in prayer and for the God’s appointed time for this vision. Is any one having the same vision kindly e-mail me. I am having more burdens about on seeing the Fatherless and Motherless children, because I am passed through that painful experience.

With out any help only according to the word Lord speaks to me I stared the Ministry. Then Lord speaks to me to reach the people through Internet. I didn’t study or learn any computer course regarding the Internet or web designing. At that time I did not know how to check e-mail. According to the God’s word I obeyed God given me the knowledge. Today I am designing my own websites and web magazine with out any formal education in computing or training. Assuredly I am able to tell that only God taught me and gave me this sophisticated skill. Lord has done many miracles through Internet ministry. Many are healed from cancer, freed from witchcraft, healed from fatal sickness and many received good counseling and living happy life in the Lord today.

To reach the people daily through the word of God we started Daily Devotion in the name “Daily Meditation”. It started with few people. Now more than 35,000 people are receiving Daily Meditation in two languages “English and Tamil”. God who called with a Vision has proved Himself to be faithful. Over the years thousands were born again, healed, revived, and blessed. I will certainly be happy if you would also get involved in this God given Mission. For more details contact daniel@thefirstbornministries.org