Dear Father
Greetings to you.
I requested you to pray for my daughter celcia and son rejo’s annual exam. You also prayed and wrote a reply that god will bless them. I also took a vow that if my childrens get good results I will write a testimony in Daily Meditation prayer group. God has helped them to get good marks.
Thanks for all your prayers.
With best regards
Vijula Rajan

Most loving Bishop Daniel & Sis Kala & Prayer Team
Thanks for your prayers.
My brother Ommen Mathew and wife Suja John has passed their Learners driving test in Melborne Australia.
with much love in Christ JESUS
Alexander Mathews, California

Dear Paster how are u
. I hope all are fine there. Paster , last month GOD DID MIRACLE in life . I got a very good job in dubai.
Thanks to GOD and thanks for your prayer.
plz convey my special regards to your prayer team and plaease keep on pray for me and dubai. I will pray for you and church.
Thanks and Regards

dear brother in christ
thanks for the splended message that you have given . i felt this message is for me you wouldnt belive before i could open my e mail i felt the burden is to heavy for me and my family. my prayer was lord i not like job or joseph my faith is wavering all sort of thought came in to my mind along with an unwanted fear and a question why.i felt so dishearten but your message gave an example of these two person. the promlem that we face is a land dispute. the people who were our relatives field a case against us. the people who knew the truth filed a false alligation against us in the court this case is going for along time in spite we have all records and deeds and title deed right. we are facing this problem we have very limited resources and my family consist of a parents ,grandmother my brother his wife and my aunt and her two children . but, they have money position and to many of them and i been asking the lord this question why it is us why i have been facing hardship injustice betreals for so long after reading your message i know that the lord cares for me.
Joshua devadass

Thank you for today’s Word. These past few weeks have been challenging to say the least…BUT God has been my rock and salvation through it all. It seems that thru these past few weeks, every time I’ve opened your emails it’s the message God had been speaking unto my heart that day. Your emails have been conformation of His messages to me each day and I want to thank you for taking the time to speak from your heart to ours, your readers.
“Thank you Lord for our Brother Daniel”
Tiffany Doty

Bishop Daniel,
I request you to pray for my husband permanent job. I want to thank the Almighty God for providing my husband with a graduate job. Its so good to see the joy on his face as he knows that he can provide for his family. Glory be to the God Almighty. For He is merciful, gracious, faithful and good to all men. I also want to thank you and your team for helping us in prayer. God richly bless you all. Jenni

Praise God, I want to thank you very much for your prayers and for the special fasting prayers for us. I send you a request for my friend who has bone cancer. she call me yesteday and reported that the MRI now shows that God has healed her hips she now has new hip bones all solid again and we are believeing that God will completely heal her of all the cancer that is in her body.
I would like to thank you again, for all your prayers.
Michelle ann

Dear Bishop,
Last month I sent a prayer request. I took your advice and have been standing on the Word of God. Now I just went to the doctor. The result for blood sugar test according to her is normal and also the goiter test is normal. I just want to give God all glory to God. Thank you for praying for me.

Dear brother
Praise God
I asked for prayer for my wife who had an abnormal chest x-ray and you said you would pray for her. I want to thank you and praise God that the Cat-scan they did on her came back normal.
Thank you so much.

This month’s God’s Promise AND scripture really spoke to me (Praise the Lord).
Brought me comfort !
Recently, I worked approx. 6 weeks on this job AND had to quit as a Supervisor and General Manager and other staff “kept humiliating” me by making remarks and making fun of me in front of all the others.
You are a blessing to the body of Christ.
in HIS love,
Sister Wanda

Dear Bishop Daniel,
Thank you for your mail today on “God is going to do things perfectly for you” Delays are not to looked at thinking God will not perform His Word. In Him, being the Word, He does perform it, according to the time of perfection in the Heavenly realms. I just needed assurance today, and your daily meditation for today 8-11-08 was, and is a blessing. More patience now, and His peace I do have. To wait,.. ( just a little longer. . . . )
God bless you,
Rev Jean Brier

I just want to thank you for your prayers for my son denver over these yesrs.The charges against him have been dismissed and he is looking forward to return to Jamaica.He has now to make good choices as he’ll be now basically on his own.He’ll also need a job.Continue to pray that the Lord will direct his path and that he’ll find a job.Praise God .May God contimue to bless your ministry.
Angela Gray

Dear Bishop Daniel,
I want to appreciate God for your life for allowing Him to use you and seeking his face for every Daily Meditation.
This one, Speaks alot about me. Right now I am going through afflictions, trials, tests and a lot of temptations coming my way- I mean Married Men are chasing after me.
But thank God for your life. I know I will overcome in Jesus’ name. After these afflictions, I will come out bless and as gold.
God bless you.
Sister Memunat Mansaray

Beloved Pastor,
Praise Jesus. Thank you for praying for my needs.
I have got an excellant job with 40% salary hike on my current salary.and am still getting interview calls. Praise Jesus.
Truly without God we can do nothing. and all good things are from our Almighty God.
I thank God for your prayer support. I also see my marraige happening soon.
Thanx. God bless you, your family and ministry richly.

Thank you very much Brother for sending me the above mails. I felt a lot more strengthened reading the mail.
Shall pray for your ministry. God Bless.

Your devotions have ministered to me so many times. They are full of life, encouragement and love. You are truly anointed . God bless you! I pray that HE will meet every need ! That He will bless you above and beyond what you could ever expect. I pray favor over your ministry. That God will open doors and windows of oppurtunity for you that no man can shut. That He will provide things in such a way , that you will know that you know that it came from God’s hand alone.
Your Sister in Christ,
Barbara McCrary

Dear Brother Daniel,
How great is the Lord… I received the below msg at 12.50 pm at the time I was very depressed of my problem and deeply sorrows… Was not able to face the shortcomings and was in heart pain… The message exactly reflects of what I wuz going thru and exactly like Jesus talking to me… I’m very much relaxed and feels the peace in my mind now after reading it. Lord Jesus is great… Those who trust in him will never fail in their tribulation… He will never forsake his children.
God Bles you and your ministry
Komathie Lilly

Thank you so much Pastor, these words really encouraged me.
My son is doing very well, the fever is all gone. He only has a bit of allergy on his skin. He is at home on rest.
Thank you
In him

Hi paster.
Praise the Lord.
Thank you 4 your mails. God may blees you in multiways. Your ministry is superb. Keep doing its very usefull to us 4 the true christian to walk daily the way God wants.
I will pray 4 your ministries and God may bless you.

Dear Pastor Daniel, I hav received and read ur message(daily meditation). Thank you so much pastor. I received ur message in the right time. and of course i am in lack of faith. I didnt tel u that. But God revealed to u that in the rite time. it is rite message in the rite time. I thank God 4 revealed to u that. God bless you pastor. once i read ur mail i was so suprise, how u know i am going through this problem. and who is tis person. and then I saw ur name down there(pas. daniel ). pls pray and continuesly send to me daily meditation. TQ PASTOR.

Hi paster.
Thank you very much for the mail you sent to me it was just for me. I thank my almighty God Jesus christ.
I am a christian, I am doing a ministry as keyboard player in our choir at Assembly of God Church in Sri lanka Negombo city. Realy these days I felt dryness in my christian life but the word you sent me its make to fall holy rain in my spritual ground. thank you very much paster.
Praise the Lord.
By Gracian

Dear Brother & Sister in Christ,
I would like to share a Miracle happened today.
I have taken two days leave i.e. on Friday and Monday(i.e. on 29th May 09and 1st June 09) after this leave I returned to office today morning as usually, I went and got one cup of tea and started reading my mails after few minutes my manager came to me and asked me do you have few minutes I said yes, we went to his cabin he asked me to sit he opened one of his draw and taken out one cover and turned to me and said Congratulations you got Promoted 🙂 I am shocked, this is really a Shock, I said thanks and taken the cover and just opened it I read all that it finally I am promoted in place.
This is not the promotion I am asking JESUS or I am waiting I have asked for Site IT Manager, HE promised to give what I have asked I still believe that HE will give that to me because HE is not the GOD who gives promise and takes back or HE is not the GOD who gives things against to what his child asks HIM, I know HE is the GOD who always give much more than what HIS children asks for. I am thinking the one I received is just a starting for the one I asked JESUS, Brother I need your help I request you to keep pray for this. If you ask me why I called it as Miracle when this is not the promotion I am asking LORD or What HE has promised for me, (I have to tell you one thing i.e. my current Grade is 2 but the IT Manager position grade is 4-4A, Since there is lot of difference in the grade I have to come closer to the IT Manager Grade in order to promote to that level, that could be the one of the reason I got promoted in place, now my grade after this promotion is 2A. this is just a background). Now I will tell you why I called this as Miracle, last week Sister Jessie has given appointment to my mother when she is praying she said LORD will be doing one new things in our family in May last week or June first week I have received this promotion on 29th May itself since I am on leave I have taken this cover on 2nd June 09 according to what JESUS has said through Sister Jessie He has done it, Not only that you remimber you (Bro. Daniel Karthikeyan) prayed for me on this point in the last month special fasting prayer that’s why I called this as Miracle.
I would like to Thank Our Mighty Lord JESUS for the promotion HE gave me today morning, I would like to request you all to share this with your family/friends/Co-Believers etc.
Please pray for my next IT Manager Promotion.
Brother Please pray for the promotion I have asked JESUS and remember my prayer request in this month Special Fasting Prayer.
D Karuna Madhu

Bishop Daniel,
God is a Almighty and powerful God.
I need to share this testimony with you.
Today I was confronting financial tests, the bank called me for pending payments, and I need to pay the telephone bill today too.
I remember the verses you gave me , and when I was driving my daugther to the airport for her job, I start my cd player with a song, God I praise You, and I remembed God His promises toward me, to do not let me be ashame, but supply my needs, and start crying before the Lord but giving Him praise and thanks for all He is doing for me and my family. I cried out to the Lord for help. I reach to pay my telephone bill, with what my husband and my mother could help me.
I prayed also to God to help me pay my car insurance which payment should be cancelled by 23rd of this month, when I reached home, I got a phone call that the insurance company gave me a reduction more than the half of the total amount of the quarterly payment which is 500 dollars. They told me that they had it pending for me and arranged in this month payment.
When we praise the Lord the doors will be opened for His children and our debts will be cancelled. Everything will be allright. I thank God for this miracle/
My God is awesome.
Greetings with the love of God,

Dear Brother I had send a prayer request to pray for my husband, he wish to go to cinema on every Saturday with their cousins, God heard our prayer. After that he changed himself. The situation are changed. Saturday’s are came to working days for him. and he understood myself. God did a good things for me….
Thanks and Regards,
S.Theivanami Vasanthan.

This words has build me up today and by his spirit I will move, God has once again affirmed me with his unfailing love that he is beyond comparable and what he has promissed will come to pass in my life by his spirit. I receive this words into my life. Right words at approperaite time. May our Father, Son and Holy Spirit bless you exceedinly and abundantly..
Thank You from the bottom of my heart o//o/
Esther Anna John